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Dear Family and Friends:

My name is Amari Nicole Avery and I am thirteen years old.  I am in the 7th Grade and live in Southern California.  I have outstanding grades and currently, I am  on the High Honor Roll for academics at my school.  Currently, I am playing on the SCPGA Junior Toyota Tour Cup in the Girls 12-18 Division.  Most recently, I won my first 2017 AJGA tournament-ClubCorp Desert Junior held at Mission Hills Country Club scoring 70-71-67. It was an awesome experience to compete at the highest level and be surrounded by some of the best junior golfers from around the world. I hope to compete in more of these prestigious tournaments in the near future.

My sister Alona Avery is ten years old and in the 5th grade.  Alona is also a student on the High Honor Roll in academics.  Currently, Alona is playing on the SCPGA Junior Players Tour in the Girls 9-11 Division and most recently, Alona qualified to play in the 2017 IMG Junior World Championship this July 2017. The qualifier was held at Alhambra Golf Course and Alona made the cut, scoring a +2, 38. She is happy to learn from her big sister Amari and also has the love of golf and enjoys competing on the field.  She is ferocious in her approach shots and that's why she has the nickname, Lioness.  Alona hopes to also play in other prestigious tournaments like Callaway and Pinehurst and if she continues to win, she surely will.  I am very proud of my sister Alona.

There are various local junior tournaments that we plan on attending, throughout the season.  Our participation in these local junior tournaments depends on whether we can raise the funds necessary to attend them.  Tournaments do not include transportation, hotel accommodations or practice rounds.  And as such, we are asking for your help to reach our goals.  Your donation will allow us the opportuity to compete with the best.  We hope we can count on your support. 

You can make donations at any time.  If you would like to help, please click the DONATION button.

A special Thank You to those who have made donations toward our golf goals and for your continued support in our journeys.


Amari "Tigress" Avery
Alona "Lioness" Avery
Future LPGA Golf Professionals