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Welcome to our website!
Amari Avery and Alona Avery here, together we are Avery Girls Golf.
We play golf very well and one day we hope to be the World's #1 players on the LPGA.

Please follow our junior careers and find out.
We are off to a promising start, WORLD WATCH OUT!!


 It's a new year and Alona and I are ready to excel in our golf game. We're excited, are you? 

Thank you to all our friends and family who support us in this journey. We will make you proud.

See you on the course!  Always, Amari and Alona



FACT: Tiger Woods was born on December 30, 1975.

FACT: Amari Tigress Avery was born on December 30.

FACT: Tiger Woods was born in Orange County, CA.

FACT: Tigress Avery was born in Orange County, CA.

FACT: Tiger Woods is African American and Thai (Asian).

FACT: Tigress Avery is African American and Filipino (Asian).

FACT: Tiger Wood's First Hole In One, May 30, 1982, Heart Well Golf Course 12th Hole.

FACT: Tigress Avery's First Hole In One, November 29, 2009, Heart Well Golf Course 1st Hole.

FACT: Tiger Wood's First Major Championship Callaway Junior World 1984 at 8 Years Old.

FACT: Tigress Avery's First Major Championship Callaway Junior World 2010 at 6 Years Old.

FACT: Both Tiger and Tigress are and were known in the Golf Community before 2nd Grade.

FACT: I am a 2 time World Champion Junior Golfer!

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